Multi-Plastics, Inc.

Multi-plastics wide range

As one of North Americas largest extrusion and slitting converters of thin gauge plastic films and sheet, Multi-Plastics provides the highest quality Polystyrene (OPS) and Polyester (PET) products and innovative solutions to specific needs of their customers.

Their products are used in the envelope, printing and food packaging industries and are supplied from 10 locations in North America and Europe.

Envelope Window Film...

Envelope window filmMULTI-PLASTICS,INC. is the major North American supplier of polystyrene film used by most envelope manufacturers today.

Approximately 52% of the North American envelope manufacturers use EWF by choice and 35-40% of the European envelope manufacturing community, as well.


Also available from Multi-Plastics:

Carton Window Film...
carton window film

Typical uses:

Bacon Boards, Hardware
Paper Products, Produce
Processed Meats, Camera
Cosmetics, Glassware
Golf Balls, Hardware
Toys, Macaroni Products
Bakery Products, Candy
Frozen Foods, Ice Cream
Processed Meats, Textiles

OPS film - Oriented Polystyrene...
OPS film - oriented polystyrene
  • Consistent gauge, roll profile and surface characteristics
  • Excellent dimensional stability and high tensile strength for quality print applications
  • Superior clarity and stiffness
  • Gloss & Matte grades available
  • Clear & Custom Colors
  • Corona treatment
  • FDA Compliant
Tag and Label Films...
Narrow web unsupported Tag and Label films

Unsupported films and over laminates to the narrow web label converter

Wide Web Laminations...
OPS sheet

    Oriented Polystyrene

  • Delivering purity, processability and economic advantages
  • Excellent clarity and stiffness
  • Flash freeze grades available
  • High heat blends available
  • Recycled grades available
  • Low residual monomer grades
  • Impact modified blends available
  • Gloss and Matte available
  • Silicone coating available
  • Corona treatment availalbe
  • Anti-fog material available
  • FDA Compliant
Premium Print on Plastics...
premium print on plastics


A durable film that offers high clarity, puncture resistance and dimensional stability.

More information about their product range and specifications is available on their website:


Multi-Plastics, Inc.

Servicing the envelope, carton, printing and packaging industries with either slit to order rolls or press ready sheets




Extremely high quality films utilizing the latest in computer controlled coaters and slitters




a global leader in the production and research of PET films for high-end use applications




Expandable polystyrene(EPS) is a leading resin in the global cup and container market


Poly Pellets

Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.

Olefins and polyolefins used in many synthetic products such as lubricants, greases and fluids


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